Photos from the Suitcase

The suitcase contained over 300 medium format negatives and several developed rolls of 35mm film.  The subject matter ranges from family shots, to chickens, to Paris in the 1940’s.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed bringing them to life.

8 thoughts on “Photos from the Suitcase

  1. I still come back and re-read the story. Find something new each time. I also really look at old suitcases in the antique shops and yard sales and estate sales now! They have always been cleaned out so think it was meant to be that YOU find this suitcase.


  2. Were there also any rolls of film that were not developed? You know there are still photo places that develop this medium format film. Supposed to be an excellent one in California and I have one of their mailers here–if I can only find it! ha I love to find undeveloped film. Still tracking you on this story and the mysterious wife, Juanita Jones.


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