A lover of things and a collector of stuff, I started scouring antique malls and thrift stores for old family photos and vintage postcards.  In 2004, I hit the ephemera jackpot when I bought a $10 suitcase filled with the artifacts of one man’s life.

Born and raised in the UK, I moved to North Carolina when I was 13.  Aside from being an awesome time to be really different, years 13-21 were mainly involved in some version of theater. After graduating in ’02, I worked in the Performing Arts Administration industry for 10+ years before becoming a project manager for a non-profit software company.

In 2013, My partner and I excused ourselves from the daily routine and decided to travel around the world for 12 months.  You can read all about our adventures on our travel blog, 365 Days on the Road.

1 year after returning to the States…searching for a distraction, I remembered my suitcase.  Now, I’m digging into the world of genealogy and historical research for the first time in my life.  This blog chronicles my research and the story’s we tell from the things left behind.

If you have a tip about the man from the suitcase, please email me here.

The Man from the Suitcase

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