Cryptic Cards – Nothing Odd Here

Dear (illegible)

I read your letter some time ago and was so glad to hear but sorry you are not feeling well.  I have been down out all summer and we are having some real hot weather in Pueblo now we did have it nice and cool for the month of June hope you are well feel – a card at (illegible) as ever your friend.

Nazi Card-1

Date Mailed: July 18th, 1926.

Origin: Pueblo, Colorado.

Destination: Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Outside {the Suitcase} series features artifacts from my personal collection of postcards and found photos that are unrelated to the Man from the Suitcase project.

5 thoughts on “Cryptic Cards – Nothing Odd Here

  1. Nothing odd–but still the swastika is jarring. I am hoping it truly was used (since we are talking Colorado) as the Navaho Indian symbol for “good luck”. I also know how it is (with Great irony) that a religious symbol formed by a Greek Cross with all ends of the arms being bent at right angle became symbol of sheer terror.. I have never seen a postcard like this…


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