This Old House – An Open Door to the Past

I have an advantage over some of my new-found genealogy friends, I live in the same area as the family I am researching. I can stroll down their sidewalks, visit their houses and lay flowers on their graves. This past weekend, I did all three.

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On the Right Track – One Baby’s 950 Mile Journey Home

How would a family travel 950 miles across the country in 1912?

I recently discovered that my Man from the Suitcase, John Paul Jones, was born in Cedar Springs, Michigan in 1912.  That’s not the interesting part, although I’m fairly sure it was interesting to him.

The bit that’s interesting is that Cedar Springs is 950+ miles away from where his family lived in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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Keeping Up with the Joneses – The Early Years

I’m a collector of things.  I like to have the full set.

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Day by Day – From the Archive Library

So many of the artifacts in the suitcase are so random, I am going to have to do some deep digging to shed some light on them.  I’ve posted some of these in the Artifact Library, but as I get more inform on them, I’ll be sharing my updates here.

Day by Day – Handwritten Lyrics on Paper

Day by Day

What prompts someone to copy down song lyrics? During my research, I remembered my own reasons.

Before I delve into that story, some background on the lyrics in question:

“Day by Day” was written in 1945 by Paul Weston and Axel Stordahl with lyrics by Sammy Cahn. It was first recorded by Frank Sinatra with Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra (August 22, 1945).

I’m a nut for this genre of music, so I was momentarily caught up in the backstory of Sammy Cahn. While you may not recognize his name, you probably know all the words to the majority of his songs…they are almost part of the human genome at this point.

Read more about this artifact in the Artifact Library

One in 23 Million – A Journey Through the National Archives

If you apply yourself in high school, you too could snag the title of Chief Administrator of the National Archives and Records Administration. NARA is an independent agency of the US government that is responsible for preserving and documenting all historical records in the National Archives. On your first day on the job as Chief Administrator, you would be informed that you are now the Archivist of the United States. Continue reading